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Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

The snow started coming down last night and it just kept coming.  We must have gotten 6 inches last night at least. It is really quite beautiful outside at a delightful 27 degrees.  This is quite understandably a welcome change from the -24 below wind chill factor we endured earlier last week. The weather has been crazy and few days ago it actually got up in to the low 40's. You can see some buds started coming out...then wham...winter is back again.  

OK... so what is this you ask??? This is my husband and his new toy... The Wovel.  This little beauty is designed to take the strain of shoveling off your back.  Pat says it works.  The Neighbors think it is odd but they don't say much because Patrick shovels their driveways too.    

Oh we had to include an action shot!  Just look at him go...
 he is a woveling fool! 
Go Pat Go!

**special note**
The boys have a snow day today and are home from school. It would appear that, without my knowledge, they have been doing expresso shots all morning. I will probably lose my mind today... I have already decided.


Nicole said...

I gotta have a Wovel! And a few expresso shots would probably do the trick as well! :)

rae said...

well at the rate Pat is going he just may be Woveling your driveway next! :)