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Friday, September 25, 2009

OMG... I'm in love!!!

**** SPOILER ALERT**** Mom... if you don't want to see what you are getting for Christmas (probably early because I am so excited) LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

I am in love with Uppercase Living new photo vinyl!!! I ordered my first photo vinyl and I will admit I was a bit skeptical. But I have to say I am absolutely thrilled. I ordered a 4' x 4' pic of the boys (yes that is 4 feet by 4 feet) and when you order a 4x4 or larger contour cut photo vinyl print you have the option of adding a value pack for only $14.95... the value pack includes two (2) 8" silhouettes (black only), one (1) 1o" (inch) color graphic and one (1) 18" (inch) color graphic. The 18" color graphic is what you see below above the stairs leading to my basement. And the best thing... they are removable and re-useable... so I can move it anywhere else I want. Now I just need to order a cute saying about "brothers" to go along with this pic.

I am not quite sure what to do with the silhouettes, but for now one is living above the coat rack... and the beauty of it is that I can remove it and put it somewhere else later.

(18" color graphic from value pack)

(10" silhouette)

If you have a great photo that you would like to seen blown up on your wall... go to my
Uppercase Living website for more info.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buddy Walk, Trilliums and Down syndrome... OH MY!!!

We have been so busy the past few weeks with getting things ready for the Buddy Walk. The DDC Buddy Walk is at Lambs Farm and in the end it was clear that the past 8 months of planning really paid off. The Buddy Walk is the DDC's largest fundraiser of the year and this even allows us to offer workshops, holiday events, newsletters, playgroups, social gatherings, movies and other activities free of charge to our members.

One of our fundraising efforts at this year's Buddy Walk was working with artist Suzanne Loechl and The Trillium Project The Trillium Project. Suzanne prepares these beautiful hand painted slate tiles. She then sent them to us, and with special pens, the parents of the DDC wrote on each tile. Suzanne then cut the tiles into pendants that we sold at the Buddy Walk.

These pendants (or Trilliums) are absolutely gorgeous. They turned out amazing... just like our kids with Down syndrome each pendant is unique and special and a tiny reminder of a person with Down syndrome who touched our hearts that we can take with us where ever we go. Once cut into pendants, you can only catch a glimpse of a few words but it is the idea of being part of a great whole.

The Trilliums created by DDC families are now for sale... single pendants are $35 each and $48 with a leather cord... all pendants come in a black draw-string bag. If you are interested in purchasing a Trillium... just email me. There are lots of colors to choose from. This is a great way to be fashionable and support a good cause at the same time!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

busy, busy, busy weekend

wheeeewwwww! We are back from an insanely busy weekend in Northern Michigan. It was a close call there but we survived...LOL For starters we took the boys to the local fair, we went to Pat's 25th high school reunion, we rode on the Powell Painters float in the parade with the cousins, the boys went up for a quick fly in my Dad's plane and Andrew went to a Beach Bum game with Grandma and Grandpa Moore.

Sometimes I never feel that we get to stay in any one place long enough to really relax but it was good to see everyone. The boys were exhausted and slept all the way back home... about 10 hours due to traffic. The pics are a brief recap of our crazy trip...