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Monday, August 24, 2009

first day of school

Today Andrew and Sam start 2nd and 1st grades, respectively. Andrew is very excited and he insisted on dressing himself this morning (I allowed this outfit only because it is only a 1/2 day of school...we will make a bit more effort tomorrow...LOL). Sam was thrilled to be going back to school. He kept climbing into his wheelchair and checking out the window for the bus. Tomorrow will be both of their first full days of school.

I will be going to Sam's school tomorrow to show the nurse how to run his feeding pump. (I am sure she already knows but it will make me feel better) He will have to get a tube feeding at school... fingers crossed that will be a smooth transition for him. Andrew is excited because he LOVES all the hot lunch items lined up for the rest of the week... however he is less than thrilled with his selection of snack items I have for him (seriously... granola bars with rainbow chocolate chips, grapes, yogurt...you would think I was making him eat cow tongue).

So now it is just me and Sean at home. In 2 weeks we are starting the Little Listeners program (Mom and Tot early literacy/story time) at the library. He was a bit concerned when his brothers got on those big busses and rode away so I am sure he will be happy to greet them when they come home.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

lions and tigers and bears... oh my

Today we took a family trip to the Brookfield Zoo... family day out for Sean's birthday. The big attraction was Dinosaurs Alive. They were huge and they growled and they moved... the kids loved it. Most of the other animals seemed to be either asleep or have some other prior engagement, but the boys got to see a lot.

Sean was most excited about the cop car that was stationed inside the zoo and the tram. He can't say it yet but he has this odd growl that means dinosaur, he was a bit apprehensive at first but very excited to see the pics when I pulled them up on the computer. In the Swamp House there was an otter that took a liking to him and kept swimming right up to where Sean was standing in front of the glass... the otter would pop up and pause for a second, nose to nose with Sean, and then dive again. He did this several times and it was quite cute.

Sam liked the dinos too but it was sprinkling when we were going through that exhibit and I think he was distracted by that. Unfortunately for him all the railings around the animal enclosures just happened to be exactly at his eye level when seated in his wheelchair. That combined with the fact that the animals you could see were sleeping and most blended in so well they were hard to spot... made them virtually invisible to Sam. Sam really liked the playground but for some reason he had more fun moving from picnic table to picnic table and kicking wood chips. I think the squishy rubber ground surrounding the jungle gyms felt funny to him. But he did an amazing job of stepping over raised roots coming up out of the ground and navigating other objects.

Andrew RAN through the dinosaur exhibit rattling off all the names and general facts about each one to anyone who would listen. He also learned some new things in the reptile house. And then we stopped at this little play ground in the Zoo. It was all fun and games until Andrew, while playing tag with a new friend, yells "OH SHIT" at the top of his lungs. Let me tell you that was one proud mama moment for me....NOT!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OMG he is 2! Where did the time go?

So these are more pics from the Sean's birthday and a few leading up to this day.

Sam is thinking... I want that hat!

Pat all geared up at the hospital just a few minutes before Sean was born.

I love this pic of Sam kissing Sean... he can't be more than a few days old.

Me and Sean home from the hospital.

Ok... you can say it... aaawwwwwwww!

This is me on my way to the hospital for Sean's c-section. My shirt says... "Does this shirt make me look fat?" I figured it would be the LAST time I would ever wear it.

This was taken the day before I delivered Sean. Obviously it was time to get him out as it would seem that I no longer had any shirts to cover up my belly.

Monday, August 17, 2009

the "naughty spot"

Long before Super Nanny made her TV debut, we had already incorporated the use of the "naughty spot" into our daily routines. At first the Naughty Spot was the bottom step (at our old house) and then evolved to the snail mat... today the Naughty Spot is a small alcove leading to the master bedroom. We have a gate in front of our door to keep the kiddies out of our bedroom which turns this alcove into a small 3 sided area.

Sean spends a lot of time in the naughty spot... oddly enough I think he actually likes the naughty spot and will often times put him self in there (note to self... get a new naughty spot). Even Andrew has passed some time there when he needs to "collect his thoughts". Sam, however does not quite grasp the concept that you need to stay in time-out in the Naughty Spot until you are told you can leave. He often taunts his brothers or "visits" them in the Naughty Spot but I felt that he really didn't grasp the concept that it is a punishment... instead I felt like he thought that they were getting some preferential treatment and he felt left out.

Well today I realized that Sam knows the meaning of the Naughty Spot. I still think that he sees sit as a fun place or a place of honor so to speak but on a basic level... he KNOWS!

So I am drinking my coffee (yes my cold coffee that was brewed hours ago), and Sam started throwing toys out of the toy box. Not looking for anything in particular... just being naughty. I told him to stop and he looked right at me and continued with his business. I then asked him "DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE NAUGHTY SPOT?" And wouldn't you know it... he got a huge grin on his face, put down the he was about to heave and merrily marched off to the Naughty Spot. He was absolutely giddy about his banishment... it was almost as if he was tossing things about just waiting for an invitation. Clearly he understands that if you do something "naughty" you have to take some time out in the naughty spot... however, whether or not he views this as a punishment or as just the thing to do is out to jury right now.

What cracks me up is that I think he was actually trying to get sent to the naughty spot. I should say that earlier this morning Sean was sent to the naughty spot for throwing cars... I guess Sam felt left out...LOL.

Sam in the "Naughty Spot"

now he got a little tired of standing but clearly still enjoying his internment

now he realizes that he is really in trouble

Sunday, August 16, 2009

where did my baby go???

Today my baby turns 2! I can't believe it. Sean was born on Aug. 17, 2007... he was my largest baby at 6lbs 10 oz.

I sing this little chant with him..." I'm a baby YEAH, I wear a diaper YEAH, I love my mama YEAH, 'cause I'm a baby... YEAH." and he dances around and does an arm-pump and yells YEAH at all the appropriate spots. It is hard to believe that my baby is now 2! Happy birthday baby Sean!

I will post more pictures later from Sean's special day but here are a few pictures that bring us up to today. Love you little man!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Powell Family Canoe trip

This past weekend was the annual Powell family canoe trip down the Manistiee River. This is a pic of the advanced party... ie the people who slept over night in the apple orchard behind my Mom's house.

By the time we all gathered at Chippawa Landing we filled a large school bus. We all filed in and they took us to the drop off point... we had several large rafts, some canoes and some single and 2-man kayaks. I'm not sure anyone got an exact number but we were all armed with water guns, coolers and Party Girl even got a new bathing suit for the occasion.

Party Girl

We used some of Sam's 60cc syringes instead of squirt guns... those things really have a range (you would know that if you ever shot formula on your 20 foot ceiling)... they are small, quick and easy to load and easily concealed in the event of a sneak attack. They were such a big hit that now I think I know what I am getting my family for Christmas this year...lol. We had a few short breaks on the river and just about everyone took a turn on the rope swing. I don't think anyone made it down the river dry.

Pat sacrificed his glasses to the river and I heard another member of our group lost a wedding ring on the rope swing... needless to say the river Gods were pleased with our offerings and everyone had a great time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cycle of Life...

While we were in the UP at the reunion, the kids found literally thousands of Monarch caterpillars. They were all running around with plastic cups over-flowing with the crawling creatures. Although I am sure most parents were able to convince their children that the best thing for the caterpillars was to leave them right were the found them (and then wash their hands with lots of soap and water)... however, we were unsuccessful. So say hello to our little friend. Within a few days the caterpillar found a nice cozy spot and made a cocoon. Shortly after we had an invasion of carpenter ants (perhaps more stow-aways from our recent trip) so we bug bombed the house. At the last minute we realized that the cocoon was still inside and Pat made a daring rescue.

This morning Andrew found this...

and this.... inside his bug house.

Andrew gave the new butterfly some words of encouragement. He whispered "it's ok little guy...you can do it...it will be ok... go ahead and open your wings... I took good care of you but you have to get strong and fly away because I don't have any milkweed for you to eat... "

Andrew is beyond excited. After our brief photo shoot he put the Monarch on a bush to allow his wings to fully dry. I am sure he will be off in search of some milkweed very soon.