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Monday, August 17, 2009

the "naughty spot"

Long before Super Nanny made her TV debut, we had already incorporated the use of the "naughty spot" into our daily routines. At first the Naughty Spot was the bottom step (at our old house) and then evolved to the snail mat... today the Naughty Spot is a small alcove leading to the master bedroom. We have a gate in front of our door to keep the kiddies out of our bedroom which turns this alcove into a small 3 sided area.

Sean spends a lot of time in the naughty spot... oddly enough I think he actually likes the naughty spot and will often times put him self in there (note to self... get a new naughty spot). Even Andrew has passed some time there when he needs to "collect his thoughts". Sam, however does not quite grasp the concept that you need to stay in time-out in the Naughty Spot until you are told you can leave. He often taunts his brothers or "visits" them in the Naughty Spot but I felt that he really didn't grasp the concept that it is a punishment... instead I felt like he thought that they were getting some preferential treatment and he felt left out.

Well today I realized that Sam knows the meaning of the Naughty Spot. I still think that he sees sit as a fun place or a place of honor so to speak but on a basic level... he KNOWS!

So I am drinking my coffee (yes my cold coffee that was brewed hours ago), and Sam started throwing toys out of the toy box. Not looking for anything in particular... just being naughty. I told him to stop and he looked right at me and continued with his business. I then asked him "DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE NAUGHTY SPOT?" And wouldn't you know it... he got a huge grin on his face, put down the he was about to heave and merrily marched off to the Naughty Spot. He was absolutely giddy about his banishment... it was almost as if he was tossing things about just waiting for an invitation. Clearly he understands that if you do something "naughty" you have to take some time out in the naughty spot... however, whether or not he views this as a punishment or as just the thing to do is out to jury right now.

What cracks me up is that I think he was actually trying to get sent to the naughty spot. I should say that earlier this morning Sean was sent to the naughty spot for throwing cars... I guess Sam felt left out...LOL.

Sam in the "Naughty Spot"

now he got a little tired of standing but clearly still enjoying his internment

now he realizes that he is really in trouble

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Heather said...

Okay,you know,you may be the only one that gets this but I CANNOT wait till Zoey wants to go to the naughty spot.I long for the day that she connects her little world to a place like the naughty spot.It's like when she pushes my face away when I come to take her out of the arms of someone she is holding onto for dear life ... naughty but telling me,in her own very clear way ... get away from me.Thanks for sharing Rae.I clicked and blew up the pictures .. and I am more in love with Sam then ever!