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Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the award goes to....

Whoever thought it was a good idea to have the Kindergarten Soccer Awards Ceremony at 8:00am on a Saturday morning has obviously not tried to get 3 small children, on summer vacation when it does not get dark until midnight, up dressed and out the door at 7:30 on a Saturday morning... and then expect them to sit perfectly still and quiet for any length of time.

Well we got out the door on time (a small miracle)... and even arrived on time...even after going to the wrong place first.  We were quickly engulfed in a wave of short people all anxious to get their sticky paws on those shiny soccer trophies.  There were about 1000 trophies lined up neatly on the table... I was actually surprised that they all didn't fall to the floor in a dramatic domino style collapse.  The kids all had ants in their pants and the speaker when on and on... obviously not realizing that kindergarten kids really don't care about all the High School kids (whose ceremony was not until noon) who got scholarships or about the history of the soccer program from its birth, 29 years ago, until present... she used the big voice more than once to remind everyone how rude it was to talk while other people were getting their awards and to not leave (even if your child was having an all out tantrum) until all the awards were handed out.  Afterwards the gym was cleared out in about 10 seconds flat!  Over all I think they kids did pretty good but they were only moments way from an all out mutiny.

Later on the Shockers Team had a little party and all the kids had fun!  We are already gearing up for next season.

Andrew was so proud of his trophy

trophies lined up for the awards


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big P, little p what begins with P... park, playdate, poop...P P P!

While Sam was a summer school, Andrew and Sean had a playdate at the park.  The boys had lots of fun playing in the sand and swinging.   Then we walked home just in time to get Sam off the bus (Sam played at the park at school so never fear... he didn't miss out). 

That brings us to the stranger than fiction part of our day....  
There was a nice breeze outside so I left the windows open when we left for the park.  When I came back I noticed a white splattering all over the window in front of the kitchen table. My first thought was that Andrew was flinging his glass or spoon around and accidentally flung some milk or yogurt onto the window... however upon closer inspection I noticed that it was not only on the the window but on the screen, the table, the floor and the back of the high chair. To my horror I realized that it was not some random splattering of breakfast items... IT WAS BIRD POOP!!!  We were victims of a fly-by dive bombing!  I would appear that a bird flew over, and with amazingly good aim, let it fly (so to speak) and basically pooped in my window! I cleaned up the inside and now I am hoping that the weather man is correct and the promised rain will clean up the outside.  

Saturday, June 14, 2008

and the day just keeps getting better...

While we were at the parade this morning (see a few posts down) we got Sam his first pair of Keens (yes we are a Keen loving family). I figure since he is starting to walk a bit, they would be the best summer shoes for him in terms of support and durability. His feet get so hot and sweaty in his braces and shoes and I wanted him to have something a bit more comfortable to wear in the hot weather. He has been wearing some hand-me-down sandals (NOT Keens) from Andrew but he feet slip around so much and his ankles roll over when he tries to stand... so they were ok for just going out and about but he really needed something with more support.

These could very well be the best purchase I have made (see video below) I bought these at the store but I usually find good deals on Keens at onlineshoes.com

Well obviously he likes them and he was walking (in his Frankenstein sort of way) all over the side lines during Andrew's game. I was so impressed... the grass was sort of long, the ground was uneven, it was really windy and Sam did an excellent job of standing up all by him self and keeping his balance and even without his braces and WALKING!!!

Go Sam, Go Sam... Go Go Go Sam!

OMG... look at him go!!!
click below to see Sam walk... yipeee

***notice he is wearing his new Keens... maybe I should send this clip into the Keen company for promotional purposes... want your kid to walk... buy 'em Keens! ***

... he wanted to get onto the field so badly... maybe next year buddy.

sharing kisses

The Shockers season comes to an end...

Andrew had a great game today and his team scored 4 goals (not that anyone is counting). His favorite position is goalie...then defense... then offense. It was really hot today and the boys were getting tired at the end but they all played hard. In the last few games the team really came together and they actually had some good assists, passes and worked together as a team... verses in the beginning when it was each man for himself.... they have really learned a lot this year. This was the last game of the season but Andrew is already signed up and Pat is signed up to be an assistant coach for next season (starts in September) so we will be back at the fields in no time.

what a save!

the goalie

Andrew brings the ball up the field and...

...and the Shockers SCORE!!!

good sportsmanship

everyone loves a parade

We took the boys to a parade in Libertyville today... they have bands, and music, fire trucks, huge balloons, tons of candy and lots of fun stuff to see. Now this is what I call a parade! We had to leave a little early to get to Andrew's soccer game on time but the boys had a great time and Andrew raked in the loot.

Sam and Sean watching one of the big balloons go by...

this one scared Sean and made cry...

Andrew was feeling patriotic and collected stickers, pencils and head bands from every politician that had something to hand out. I think it is safe to say that he is voting independent... or at least voting for whoever had the best goodie bag. I am also very proud to say that Andrew was on his feet in an instant when the flag came by with his hand on his heart.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Creature Feature

Well it has been awhile since our last Creature Feature... but that is not because Andrew wasn't busy.  Some of his recent creations can not be in bright light and can be harmed by the camera flash... which makes his his bedroom, after lights out, when he should be asleep the perfect environment for them to thrive.  Obviously they are nocturnal, which is oh so convenient for   my little night owl.  This creature, yet to be named, can withstand the sun's powerful rays and the camera flash.  He is also quite photogenic and was willing to provide several poses showing off his best features.

and this little piggy said... OOOWWWEEEEEE!

Jars of Grape Jelly should be on the list of things "off limits" for babies.  Sean dropped a jar on his toe and it instantly turned black and swelled up like a sausage and the toe nail is sure to fall off... it is just a matter of time.  I also want to state for the record that this happened on Dad's watch (just in case you were wondering...LOL).   

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well Andrew walked at 9 1/2 months so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Sean (now 9 1/2 months) is now STANDING!!!  He also leaned how to clap and is quite proud of himself.  I guess this is kind of what it would be like to have twins... I now have 2 learning to walk, 2 in diapers, 2 learning to eat and 2 that like to pull everything out of the cabinets.  Sam is quickly teaching Sean all of his naughty tricks... it is going to be a busy summer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

speed test

Try this out just for fun...

59 words


Monday, June 2, 2008

Fishing Derby

Andrew at the cub scout fishing derby.

Sean and Sam watching their big brother fish.