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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big P, little p what begins with P... park, playdate, poop...P P P!

While Sam was a summer school, Andrew and Sean had a playdate at the park.  The boys had lots of fun playing in the sand and swinging.   Then we walked home just in time to get Sam off the bus (Sam played at the park at school so never fear... he didn't miss out). 

That brings us to the stranger than fiction part of our day....  
There was a nice breeze outside so I left the windows open when we left for the park.  When I came back I noticed a white splattering all over the window in front of the kitchen table. My first thought was that Andrew was flinging his glass or spoon around and accidentally flung some milk or yogurt onto the window... however upon closer inspection I noticed that it was not only on the the window but on the screen, the table, the floor and the back of the high chair. To my horror I realized that it was not some random splattering of breakfast items... IT WAS BIRD POOP!!!  We were victims of a fly-by dive bombing!  I would appear that a bird flew over, and with amazingly good aim, let it fly (so to speak) and basically pooped in my window! I cleaned up the inside and now I am hoping that the weather man is correct and the promised rain will clean up the outside.  

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Katie said...

oh that is too funny - kind of like when it gets you on the head! gross!