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Saturday, June 14, 2008

and the day just keeps getting better...

While we were at the parade this morning (see a few posts down) we got Sam his first pair of Keens (yes we are a Keen loving family). I figure since he is starting to walk a bit, they would be the best summer shoes for him in terms of support and durability. His feet get so hot and sweaty in his braces and shoes and I wanted him to have something a bit more comfortable to wear in the hot weather. He has been wearing some hand-me-down sandals (NOT Keens) from Andrew but he feet slip around so much and his ankles roll over when he tries to stand... so they were ok for just going out and about but he really needed something with more support.

These could very well be the best purchase I have made (see video below) I bought these at the store but I usually find good deals on Keens at onlineshoes.com

Well obviously he likes them and he was walking (in his Frankenstein sort of way) all over the side lines during Andrew's game. I was so impressed... the grass was sort of long, the ground was uneven, it was really windy and Sam did an excellent job of standing up all by him self and keeping his balance and even without his braces and WALKING!!!

Go Sam, Go Sam... Go Go Go Sam!

OMG... look at him go!!!
click below to see Sam walk... yipeee

***notice he is wearing his new Keens... maybe I should send this clip into the Keen company for promotional purposes... want your kid to walk... buy 'em Keens! ***

... he wanted to get onto the field so badly... maybe next year buddy.

sharing kisses


Alyssa said...

Go Sam! I'm going to have to check into these for Macy. Her feet get hot with her suresteps and socks on too, I tried crocs but she can't walk in them, her feet turn in too much. Thanks for the tip! :)

Kelly said...

Way to go Sam!! That video is amazing!! What a happy day for your family.

Heather said...

No words for me,as I am speechless.Beautiful,just plain and simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

eSam you rock! I had to watch this video again today to see your amazing progress. Keep it up!

The Balsis Family said...

That is awesome! And I didn't know you had a blog! I'm gonna link up! LOL We love Keens too!

Stacy (pookeymom from DownSyn) said...

How exciting to see some of his first steps, he looks great. Look out mom, now its time to run...run...run ;)

Leah said...

This is the best video ever! Gives me the chills and makes tears run down my cheeks.