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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ring Security

We just got back from Ben and Erica's (Benica) wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was blushing, the groom handsome, the reception was fun and over all it was a wonderful celebration.  Andrew was in charge of ring security and he did an awesome job.  This is one of the few shots I got of him NOT trying to dodge the camera.   

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a good green boy is he...

Yesterday was Earth Day. Andrew is always the first one to remind us to turn off the water when we brush our teeth, to recycle our bottles and to remember to bring our re-usable bags to the grocery store so I guess his Green Day Good Deed should not have surprised me. 

Andrew had early release from school and he ran, rather bounced off the bus. I was going to take him over to his friend Billy's house for a playdate. He was sooooo excited. So he went into his room to gather a few things to take with him. Now I was expecting a few Bakugans, Bionicles or Gormini's but no... he comes out with a zip lock baggie full of water. After announcing to me that he thought perhaps there was a small leak in the bag he ran off to get another one. Ok, so I will admit that I was stumped and my first reaction was... there is no way in hell you are bringing a bag of water into the van but that boy always has a way of making me see things differently and change my mind.

Me: Andrew, why are you bringing a bag of water over to Billy's?

Andrew: Because it is Earth Day and Billy will need to water his plants... his Mom has plants you know.

Me: But Honey, they have their own water... I really don't want you taking a bag of water in the van.

Andrew: But Mom... it is good for the Earth and this way they can conserve their own water and use this water.

Me: Is there something wrong with their water?

Andrew: No, it is just the nice thing to do.

Now how can I argue with that??? So we loaded up in the van, baggie of water and all, and headed out for Billy's house. Once we got there the boys decided that the empty bird feeder was the best place for the water and then Andrew yells to Billy's mom... "Hey Mrs. Billy's Mom is this your recycling bin?" and after confirmation he recycled his bag.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

you can still be tough and carry your stuff...

I just received a call from Colette U.  Lutheran General Hospital saying that she has distributed the article she wrote about the Poncho Project and it has recently appeared in our local Pioneer Press and on www.yournews.com (Park Ridge IL, Health section) . You can see the story below.

I would also like to extend a very special thank you to Nancy F., Connie S., Sandy C., Cristine S. and Linda L.  who have requested poncho pattern kits to begin making and donating ponchos at their own local hospitals.  I am telling you... there are going to be some pretty happy, well covered up kids sporting some stylish ponchos very soon in and ICU near you!  

In the mean time, Andrew has requested a bag for himself... red one.  He calls it his "Man Bag"... he told me "Mom, I can still be tough and carry my stuff".  Of course, Andrew didn't want to be pose for a picture but Sean was more than eager to model his Man Bag or Murse (Man+Purse= Murse).  

from www.yournews.com 
Poncho Project 3:00PM

Poncho Project provides handmade comfort to patients

PARK RIDGE, Illinois (YN) - RaeAnn Collins of Lindenhurst recently made a delivery of homemade ponchos for patients at Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge. The bright, colorful ponchos are individually wrapped in bags tagged with a note that reads, “Hi, friend. My name is Sam and I spent lots of time in the hospital too…so my mom made this especially for you.”

Sam, 6, was born with Down syndrome at just 27 weeks and has undergone a number of surgeries and suffered other health issues requiring hospitalization.

“I was inspired by all the children I know who are battling cancer everyday and I thank God that Sam has not had to fight that battle,” said RaeAnn.

Pediatric leukemia is very common in children born with Down syndrome – a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. The incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 800 to 1,000 births. Leukemia is from 10 to 30 times more common in these children than in the general population.

“My hope is that these ponchos will not only be warm but stylish and perhaps bring a smile to a child’s face. At the very least cover up what the hospital gowns do not,” said RaeAnn. The ponchos are made to easily slip over the patient’s heads and won’t interfere with IVs, monitors and other tubes. The fleece ponchos are softer, warmer and less restrictive than hospital gowns. RaeAnn ties the fleece in knots while waiting in doctor’s offices or while her 7-year old son Andrew attends religious education class.

Sam and his parents along with his brothers Andrew and 18-month-old Sean will be taking a ‘Make a Wish’ trip to Disney World this fall.

“I turned the granters down twice thinking it was a time share offer,” laughed RaeAnn. “Sam’s been through so much and has been a real trooper through all of it. We’re excited to have the opportunity to go on this family vacation and are overwhelmed by all the kindness and generosity we’ve been shown. We have been so truly blessed and lucky in so many ways and it just feels right to give back what we can.”

Photo Caption: Rae Ann Collins delivers handmade fleece ponchos to Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital with the help of two of her sons, Sean and Sam.

Story Submitted By colette.urban@advocatehealth.com For more information visit www.advocatehealth.com/luth

Oh, brother....

It was so nice to have my brother (Brad) and his wife (Kim) fly in to visit with us for a few days.  I can't believe that it has been about two years since we have seen them... ever since they moved to North Carolina.  Amazing how fast time flies.  After leaving our place they headed up to Michigan to visit more family and friends but we will meet up with them again this weekend for our cousin Ben's wedding before they have to head back to NC.  The visit was, of course, too short but we hope to make plans to visit them in North Carolina soon.   

Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogger MIA

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post... so much has happened.  Here is a brief run-down of what has been going on since I have been Blogger MIA

1.  Easter.  And all that goes along with it.  

2.  Poncho Project Kits... 4 of the 7 kits have been sent out.  Fabric for the remaining 3 arrived and now I have to get back to work and finish those up.  I also made several ponchos for my next delivery and got a little blurb in the local paper about the Poncho Project (woot woot)

3.  Cabin Fever... *** note to Mother Nature... please quit teasing us... 50 degrees one day and 6 inches of snow the next... seriously!  Don't you have better things to do?

4.  Taxes

5.  Drama... lots and lots of Drama directly related to trying to get everyone back on schedule after spring break.  You know it's bad when simple disputes, such as who actually uses the purple spin-brush tooth brush and who actually uses the blue one, ends in tears and a welt on someone's forehead.

6.  Appointments, Appointments, Appointments

7.  A little medical scare that although proved to be nothing major will hopefully prompt a major change.  

8.  More family coming to visit

9.  Soccer, baseball, basketball and more soccer

10.  Teaching a boxmaking class

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poncho Project Kits

Making more head-way on the Poncho Project kits... I ordered some felt backed vinyl table cloth fabric to cut the patterns from.   This system has worked pretty well for me so I hope that everyone who gets a kit will be able to follow my lead so to speak.  I simply punched holes that are color coordinated for each size...then I lay the pattern on the fabric and using a marker in the holes, mark onto the fabric below.  Then use a ruler to line up the holes and cut out the pattern.  Each poncho requires 2 pieces so once one piece is cut I safety pin that piece to more fabric to cut the second piece.  I cut the strips through both pieces at the same time.  

Sean has been trampling, dancing and jumping on the pattern all night... trying very hard to NOT help me.  However, I think he has proven beyond a doubt that these patterns should hold up for some time.  The original pattern is so ragged and fragile from use but I think the vinyl will hold up nicely.  Fingers crossed I will begin sending out kits next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The seating dilemma update

Well yesterday the seating specialist came out to the house.  Not a man of many words.  I think that he agreed with the products that I picked and wanted review on.  He offered a few other options but they were products that we have either tired before or had other cons that I didn't want to settle for...(for example I was interested in a car seat that would be easy to clean since sometimes Sam's g-tube and diaper leaks...who wants to sit in that?... spilt formula mixed with stomach contents takes FOREVER to dry and the smell....)  I sort of got the impression that he was surprised that I had done so much research.  

The most positive thing that came out of this meeting is that Mr. Seating Specialist was going to contact another local rep that deals the seating systems that I am interested in for Sam and is going to get him to bring those models out to the house for us to see and for Sam to try out.  AMEN!  It won't take me long to determine if these items really are the best for Sam... but being able to test them out is priceless.  So fingers crossed we hear back from them soon... I am hoping to have samples here in the house this week or next.  

The down side is that we most likely won't have the new car seat before Sam's WISH trip but at least we got the ball rolling.