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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a good green boy is he...

Yesterday was Earth Day. Andrew is always the first one to remind us to turn off the water when we brush our teeth, to recycle our bottles and to remember to bring our re-usable bags to the grocery store so I guess his Green Day Good Deed should not have surprised me. 

Andrew had early release from school and he ran, rather bounced off the bus. I was going to take him over to his friend Billy's house for a playdate. He was sooooo excited. So he went into his room to gather a few things to take with him. Now I was expecting a few Bakugans, Bionicles or Gormini's but no... he comes out with a zip lock baggie full of water. After announcing to me that he thought perhaps there was a small leak in the bag he ran off to get another one. Ok, so I will admit that I was stumped and my first reaction was... there is no way in hell you are bringing a bag of water into the van but that boy always has a way of making me see things differently and change my mind.

Me: Andrew, why are you bringing a bag of water over to Billy's?

Andrew: Because it is Earth Day and Billy will need to water his plants... his Mom has plants you know.

Me: But Honey, they have their own water... I really don't want you taking a bag of water in the van.

Andrew: But Mom... it is good for the Earth and this way they can conserve their own water and use this water.

Me: Is there something wrong with their water?

Andrew: No, it is just the nice thing to do.

Now how can I argue with that??? So we loaded up in the van, baggie of water and all, and headed out for Billy's house. Once we got there the boys decided that the empty bird feeder was the best place for the water and then Andrew yells to Billy's mom... "Hey Mrs. Billy's Mom is this your recycling bin?" and after confirmation he recycled his bag.  

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