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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The seating dilemma update

Well yesterday the seating specialist came out to the house.  Not a man of many words.  I think that he agreed with the products that I picked and wanted review on.  He offered a few other options but they were products that we have either tired before or had other cons that I didn't want to settle for...(for example I was interested in a car seat that would be easy to clean since sometimes Sam's g-tube and diaper leaks...who wants to sit in that?... spilt formula mixed with stomach contents takes FOREVER to dry and the smell....)  I sort of got the impression that he was surprised that I had done so much research.  

The most positive thing that came out of this meeting is that Mr. Seating Specialist was going to contact another local rep that deals the seating systems that I am interested in for Sam and is going to get him to bring those models out to the house for us to see and for Sam to try out.  AMEN!  It won't take me long to determine if these items really are the best for Sam... but being able to test them out is priceless.  So fingers crossed we hear back from them soon... I am hoping to have samples here in the house this week or next.  

The down side is that we most likely won't have the new car seat before Sam's WISH trip but at least we got the ball rolling.  

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