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Friday, April 3, 2009

Poncho Project Kits

Making more head-way on the Poncho Project kits... I ordered some felt backed vinyl table cloth fabric to cut the patterns from.   This system has worked pretty well for me so I hope that everyone who gets a kit will be able to follow my lead so to speak.  I simply punched holes that are color coordinated for each size...then I lay the pattern on the fabric and using a marker in the holes, mark onto the fabric below.  Then use a ruler to line up the holes and cut out the pattern.  Each poncho requires 2 pieces so once one piece is cut I safety pin that piece to more fabric to cut the second piece.  I cut the strips through both pieces at the same time.  

Sean has been trampling, dancing and jumping on the pattern all night... trying very hard to NOT help me.  However, I think he has proven beyond a doubt that these patterns should hold up for some time.  The original pattern is so ragged and fragile from use but I think the vinyl will hold up nicely.  Fingers crossed I will begin sending out kits next week.

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