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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Shockers season comes to an end...

Andrew had a great game today and his team scored 4 goals (not that anyone is counting). His favorite position is goalie...then defense... then offense. It was really hot today and the boys were getting tired at the end but they all played hard. In the last few games the team really came together and they actually had some good assists, passes and worked together as a team... verses in the beginning when it was each man for himself.... they have really learned a lot this year. This was the last game of the season but Andrew is already signed up and Pat is signed up to be an assistant coach for next season (starts in September) so we will be back at the fields in no time.

what a save!

the goalie

Andrew brings the ball up the field and...

...and the Shockers SCORE!!!

good sportsmanship

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Mike Burrill said...

the kids got 'scholar athlete' written all over him Rae