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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Powell Family Canoe trip

This past weekend was the annual Powell family canoe trip down the Manistiee River. This is a pic of the advanced party... ie the people who slept over night in the apple orchard behind my Mom's house.

By the time we all gathered at Chippawa Landing we filled a large school bus. We all filed in and they took us to the drop off point... we had several large rafts, some canoes and some single and 2-man kayaks. I'm not sure anyone got an exact number but we were all armed with water guns, coolers and Party Girl even got a new bathing suit for the occasion.

Party Girl

We used some of Sam's 60cc syringes instead of squirt guns... those things really have a range (you would know that if you ever shot formula on your 20 foot ceiling)... they are small, quick and easy to load and easily concealed in the event of a sneak attack. They were such a big hit that now I think I know what I am getting my family for Christmas this year...lol. We had a few short breaks on the river and just about everyone took a turn on the rope swing. I don't think anyone made it down the river dry.

Pat sacrificed his glasses to the river and I heard another member of our group lost a wedding ring on the rope swing... needless to say the river Gods were pleased with our offerings and everyone had a great time.


Leah said...

Oh I'm so happy to know that my kids will not be the only ones to know the delight of 60cc syringes! When Angela had her g-tube, my yard was ALWAYS littered with them, as they make such excellent water weapons! The boys discovered that if you push the plunger against your bely they REALLY Shoot far! LOL I wonder what our neighbors thought of the syringes all over the place????

Michael David said...

Manistee River...Chippewa Landing....some how that all sounds familar to me..hmmm....

Nicole Hornbaker Hamner said...

It was wonderful to connect with my family!!! What a joy you all are...yes, all of you....even party girl ;)