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Friday, February 15, 2008

feelin' the love

Our Valentine's Day was fairly uneventful but I did get some beautiful flowers.  We had a DDC meeting (our local Down syndrome support group) and since Patrick is the president and I am a board member (one of my oh so very important duties is bringing the treats to the meetings) we sorta had to go.  We hired the girl down the street to come watch the kids at the last minute... the sickies are going around (tis the season) and at the moment my kids are healthy so we opted to keep them home.  Well by the time we got home everyone was asleep so we asked the sitter if she could hang around for a bit longer so we could go out for a drink.  Whooo hooo!  This is our version of speed dating!  So out we went. 

Andrew's mission for the day was to spread the love and he made cards for everyone.  Deep down he has such a kind and generous heart and I am often times so touched by his compassion.  This was one of the many cards that he presented me with on Valentine's Day.  He wrote all the words with no help, he spelled everything correctly and even added punctuation (oh I am such the proud mama).  

To my Dad and Mom 
Love Andrew Ryan.

The drawing on the inside is of Patrick and I (both wearing our glasses) playing catch.  He said that we really love each other and we are having so much fun playing together with the ball. And we are flashing each other the sign language sign for I Love You.  He said that Dad is the bigger one and I am the smaller one and we are very happy.  OMG how cute is that. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rae,
What an adorable son you have to draw you those pictures! I love it : ) Hope you get your camera this weekend because Kate & I are dying to look at your girlboxmaker shop. Love H