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Monday, February 25, 2008

some girls need chocolate... I need cookies

happiness is... a box of Girl Scout cookies!

It is Girl Scout Cookie time and I am verging on cookie nirvana.  Some girls need chocolate... I need cookies.  I acknowledge that I have an addiction but unwilling to give up my vice, I have established some hard and fast rules about Girl Scout cookies...yes it helps me sleep better at night.   

#1.  I always buy them.  The kids in the neighborhood know that the NO SOLICITING PLEASE sign on my front door is null and void if they are peddling goodies.  They know my weakness and they are more than willing to bring their wares to my doorstep.  Enablers they are... cute, sweet, big eyed enablers.  Don't they know an addict when they see one?

#2. I only buy 2 boxes at a time.  This rule was put into effect after the Thin Mint invasion of '97. That was the year I bought my stash of yummy goodness only to find out that out that my husband (also an enabler... although he too has been known to polish off an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting) also fell victim to the Girl Scout Cookie sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board at work.  I think we ended up with 16 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the freezer that year (that is not counting the boxes we devoured).... hence the need for rule #2.  This way we (Patrick abides by rule #2 as well) can buy from everyone and we don't end up with an embarrassing number cookie boxes to haunt us through the lenten season.  

#3.  Cookies may only be eating with a glass of milk. I know that there is little to no nutritional value to cookies... but I don't care.  Sometimes a girl just needs what a girl needs.  However, in my attempts to set a good example for my children and to not fall too deeply into a glutenous bliss... I always drink a glass of milk with my cookies.  Milk does a body good.  This rule prevents me from avoiding meals in order to polish off and entire sleeve of peanut butter sandwich cookies while standing at the counter making the kids lunch.  It forces me to sit down, relax and enjoy my spoils.  



Katie said...

well I guess the 2 rule box would be a great idea - I ordered from 2 girls this year and I don't remember how many? Maybe 4 each? Yikes. Or should I say oink.

rae said...

eat up chica... they only come around once a year!

Anonymous said...

Some girls needs cookies......I need wine (wink,wink) H