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Monday, February 11, 2008

Mom I have issues.

It is officially -5 below this morning.  So I tell Andrew to wear his snow suit today.  After a bit of whining he complies... this is already after a long morning of feet dragging and finding interest in anything else besides getting ready for school.

Me: What do whiners get?

Andrew: Nothing?

Me: Correct... now get dressed so we don't miss the bus.

Andrew gets his suit on but insists that he needs help with his boots.  Boots that he is completely capable of putting on himself...

Andrew:  Maaaaaammmmm can you help me with my boots?

Me:      Andrew please just hurry up... you are going to be late.

Andrew: ...but Mom... I have issues.

Me: Issues?

Andrew: ...just like I can only wipe my butt at school Mom and not at home (said with a bit of self-righteousness and eye brows raised)... I can put on my boots all by myself at school but I need help at home.  See the difference Mom? Those are issues.

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