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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

just a quick update

Well if you checked out my girl boxmaker blog in the past few days you would already know that our camera died.  We have plans to go camera shopping  and if all goes well I will be posting new pics from our new camera by the end of the weekend. In the mean time I am missing out on some priceless photo opportunities and I can't add any new listings to my Etsy shop.  What's a girl to do?

Andrew lost a tooth tonight... one of his big front teeth.  A priceless photo opportunity missed.  He is now sporting an adorable gappy grin.  Pat is working late and Andrew wanted his Dad to see his tooth so he decided he would leave it for the tooth fairy tomorrow. He also made all his Valentine's Day cards for his classmates and teacher.  He cut out hearts and colored them and then I punched holes in them to hold suckers.  They really did turn out cute.  He also made a special card for his teacher.  He decorated the card with repeating patterns.

Andrew: Mom I am making patterns with red and hearts  on Mrs. R's card... she really likes patterns.

Me: How do you know that she likes patterns?

Andrew: Because we do patterns in school e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.

And then he was so cute...
Andrew: Mom can I wear the church type clothes?

Me: What church type clothes?

Andrew: You know Mom, those pants that aren't jeans and those shirts that button... I want to wear those clothes tomorrow... I want to look handsome for my Valentine's party at school.

OMG... where is a camera when you need one!

In other exciting news, my girl boxmaker blog was featured on Today's Creative Blog  ... whooo hooo! This is quite a nice little honor... sort of like being Queen for the day but without the tiara...but I did get a blinkie!  See...

Sean is living up to his nickname... The Stomach.  I cannot shovel the cereal into his mouth fast enough.  He gets all excited and pounds his little fists on the tray and then grabs at the spoon and pulls it towards his mouth and smiles. 

***note to self***
when allowed to dry, baby rice cereal makes super glue 

Sam is not as hip on the whole thing but I did get one nice swallow (without spitting) and he was very interested in watching Sean . However, when it was his turn, he was more interested in licking the table and wiping it off with his napkin.  Slow and steady wins the race!


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