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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

all about the babe

Sean, 6 months


Sean is 6 months old! (as of Feb. 17th) 6 months...I know!!! Can you believe it???  Well, he is nothing short of brilliant... of course! He sitting independently without support, eating cereal, rolling over both ways, and trying to get up on all fours. He squeals and babbles and has even learned the fine art of whining.  He delights in his brothers and all things that they do.  He is also very curious and gets excited about exploring new things. We are going to be in such trouble once he starts crawling!  Everything goes to his mouth and I think he is teething. He is a happy, happy baby and an absolute joy.  

Here is a short video (22 seconds) of Sean in his Jumparoo! He really loves this thing but we limit his jumping bliss to about 15 minutes a day.

happiness is...

... obviously 15 minutes is long enough!

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