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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it is so very hard to be small

Sean is miserable. Some celebrated milestones just SUCK!  It is day 5 of Sean's teething woes and I just noticed that a second tooth has  just erupted.  My otherwise happy baby has been replaced with a sad, blubbering mess of a child. Somewhere amidst the fever, the coughing, the impressive amount of snot and drooling, the tears, the crying, the red droopy eyes and the tender, swollen gums there is a little baby that just wants to nurse and go to sleep.  

Sam is not quite sure to make of all this.  Sean rarely cries and I think his constant misery over the past few days has taken as much of a toll on Sam as it has anyone.  This morning Sam was just full of piss & vinegar and needless to say he had a less than productive physical therapy session.  However, part way through he turned his attention to Sean. They had a very tender moment.  Sam the protective big brother that he is, gently patted Sean on the back and gave him kisses in is very best attempt to console him...and then promptly removed his socks.  It was the most focused and intentional act of affection and concern that I have seen him display toward anyone.   It was very sweet.  It is not that Sam is not affectionate, he is,  it was just the way he touched Sean with such softness... it was a genuine moment.  

Andrew is doing better, recovering from his sinus infection, and is finally back to school just in time for Wacky Wednesday.  He wore his clothes backwards and spiked up his hair... if I could have put Sean down long enough to take a picture I would have. :)  Hopefully everyone will be back at their peek performance soon.

***special note***
A Nursing Mother's Prayer
OH LORD may my nipples be tougher than the sharpest baby tooth.

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Anonymous said...

the nipples are tough...no worries! I nursed my little Kate for a year. H xo