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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A sad day...

The last ant has died. 
We will be observing a moment of silence during the water burial scheduled for later today.  

Santa brought Andrew an ant farm for Christmas... the actual live ants arrived on Christmas eve just in time. They arrived in the mail in a small plastic vial marked CAUTION. They were slow moving from the cold, but they soon perked up. Squirmy little legs and beady little eyes...they really creeped me out but I was fascinated at the same time. Note to self... next time put in a special request to Santa to bring ant farm completely assembled with ants already in there. So we fed them and gave them water and they built some pretty amazing tunnels, a graveyard, a food storage area, planted a little garden an erected a  hill (no doubt an attempt to escape). We learned a lot about ants from their anatomy to the roles of ants in the colony.  In my opinion, they are still creepy bugs but the instruction booklet made a good effort to describe how social, friendly and clean they are in an attempt to make me some how sleep better at night knowing that they are "Good Citizens".  We also learned from our Ant Habitat Manual, that the ants in our habitat are all females worker ants. Of course the worker ants are female!...duh. The packaging promised that the habitat was "escape proof" and although I had reservations about their claims, the habitat has indeed proved to be an escape proof death trap. The vial should have been labled "Dead Ants Walking". I have my doubts about whether ant farms in general are humane and whether or not my actions, ultimately resulting in their demise, will have a negative impact on my presently good karma. ??? I felt really sad for the last one to go and considered a mercy flushing but I knew it was only a matter of time.  And besides, the packaging expressly stated NO NOT HANDLE LIVE ANTS...THEY BITE, so heeding these words of caution and of course having my own self preservation in mind, I just watched and waited. 

Patrick thinks it would be a good idea to repopulate the habitat with "wild" ants from the yard. What is he thinking??? Any ants that survived last years "home improvement" fumigation are bound to be either really pissed or psychotic....and he wants to bring those ants into our home...on purpose!!! Didn't he read the directions in the instruction manual... THEY BITE!!!  And they know what I did last summer!

another one bites the dust


Christine said...

I can't believe the last one died. How sad!

Kelly said...

That looked really neat!! The ants would creep me out too, but I think it would be really cool to watch them, as long as it is escape proof!

Katie said...

Come on let Pat have his fun and bring in some more ants - they are in the farm right? What harm can they do - LOL!

rae said...

yea I pretty much lost on this one... the ant farm will be repopulated. they are pretty neat to watch but they do make my skin crawl. at least they are not asking to get a tarantula.... right! :)