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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Stand-Off

I recently pulled out some "baby toys" for Sean who is quite delighted, however Sam is not quite sure if he wants to share his old toys.  Sam is more than willing to smother Sean with a soft book or stuffed animal that he (Sam) has deemed appropriate, but it would seem that there are certain toys that are off limits. I have not yet determined the criteria that Sam has for selecting acceptable toys for Sean but at least he is making attempts to share (we must keep the big picture in mind). He also for some reason feels the need to remove Sean's socks whenever possible.  Often times the-taking-of-the-socks appears to be some sort of payment system that Sam has devised... I give you something so you give me something.  Sean is also very tolerant of Sam's heavy hand and actually beams over any attention that Sam gives him.  Andrew, in his ongoing attempt to right all wrongs, has perfected a tackle take-down move to disarm Sam when the need arises (any excuse my boys have to wrestle).  Over all Sam has been quite gentle and affectionate towards Sean but I will admit that sometimes I have thoughts of Lenny in "Of Mice and Men", who not knowing his own strength "loves" the puppies to death....but so far, besides a few very wet hard kisses, no harm done.

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