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Monday, January 28, 2008

80 years of cherished memories & family traditions

Lorraine Powell

This is my Grandma Powell on her 80th birthday (isn't she beautiful!!!)... January 10th 2008.... surrounded by flowers that family and friends sent to honor her on this special day.  The framed picture that she is holding is that of her Far Mor (Mother of her Father) in Sweden who is also surrounded in a room full of beautiful flowers that were sent to her on her 80th birthday.  What a beautiful family tradition.  What makes this even more special is that in the top right corner of the photo my Grandma is holding you can also see her parents wedding photo (my Great-Grandma and Grandpa Nystrom) and a picture of my Grandma when she was 6 months old.   

The below pictures are of treasures that can all be linked back to family members that can all be found in the photo that my Grandma Powell is holding... Far Mor (my great-great-grandmother), Grandma/pa Nystrom (my great-grandparents) and my Grandmother as well.

These spoons once belonged to my Grandma's Far Mor.  They were given to her by my Grandma's Father (my Great-Grandpa Nystrom) and they have since trickled their way down to me.  I had them framed several years ago and they now hand on my wall.

My Grandmother got this spoon on a trip to Umea, Sweden with her Grandparents when she was 5 years old.  The spoon is engraved with a Laplander (a native of Northern Sweden) and a reindeer.  

I can remember this table being at my Grandparent's house when I was a kid.  I don't remember the table so much as I remember those claw feet.  This table was the first piece of furniture my Grandma's parents (my Great -Grandma/pa Nystrom)  bought after they were married.  Over the years this table transformed from a dinner table to a coffee table.  A few years ago, when we moved into our current house, I became the lucky guardian of the claw foot table.

 I love those claw feet.


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