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Thursday, January 17, 2008


 OK... so I am just jumping into this blogging thing.  I am a mom of 3 boys (one of whom has Down syndrome).  Amidst all the chaos that we have become so accustom to, interesting things happen which warrant special notation.  Therefore my goal is to chronicle the highlights of Andrew, Sam and Sean,  family updates and other ramblings.    
Patrick, Andrew, RaeAnn, Sean and Sam 11/2007


Marie said...

RaeAnn I love the new blog and I see you have quite the knack for it despite it's your first..."the stand-off" is priceless! Great looking family and I look forward to reading your updates and new pics. I have no idea about making a blog either, but you certainly made it look easy...The nicu montage of Sam-was it difficult to add to your blog? I saw this before and it brings back memories. We both have alot to be thankful for after having Nicu grads make it this far with flying colors! Take care, Dawn

RaeAnn Collins said...

One True Media has links especially for blogs. So I just copied and pasted it (I will admit I thought it would be much harder...and the thumbnail pic was an unexpected bonus).

king said...

"You go, Girl"
Congrats on the delivery of your very first blog. I am glad to hear the labor was minimal, though your results are quite eventful.
Good luck & Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! You have done such a great job with it! I knew when I saw the first picture of Sean that he looked like Andrew...but OMG! Spitting image! Glad to hear that Andrew has the boys "under control". I think he'll always be your little protector! I can't wait til we can see you guys. Hopefully sometime soon? Miss and love you all bunches!

Anonymous said...

Rae Ann,
you amaze me still, is there anything you can't do. thanks for starting this, i will check in on it to see updated pictures etc. your boys are so cute. i am sure they bring you so much love and happiness. love, timi

Kelly said...

Your family is beautiful!!! I'll definitely check in from time to time. I'm looking forward to reading about all of your adventures!

Take care.

MSUSPARTAN Pal said...

Checked you out from a few miles to the north...Family looks beautiful, but I guess I already knew that.