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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the boys

Sean is absolutely the best baby ever!!!  It is a good thing I had my tubes tied when I did because I could have been persuaded to try for boy #4... ha ha ha... not!  He is just a happy and content little man.  He seems to delight in everything and he smiles all the way down to his toes. Although a bit wobbly, Sean is sitting for short periods of time, he is rolling over and he is thrilled to have found his toes.  He giggles and babbles and squeals and thinks blowing raspberries is the most hilarious thing.  And just like his brothers he LOVES bath time.

Sean, 5 months

Andrew is my big helper and disaster alert dispatcher.  He has devised a system, not unlike the DEFCON readiness system used by the military, to alert me of any potential melt downs or other immediate crisis situation.  Having 3 boys all with very important needs, it is obvious that I cannot be in all places at all times and it is usually the place where I am not that requires the most attention.  Andrew makes sure that I don't miss a thing.  I frequently hear him screaming at the top of his lungs "MOM... Sean is at a LEVEL 20 and he is giving me the hungry stare".  This no doubt is heard anytime I am busy with something else or when Andrew is done holding him.  "MOOOOOOOM....RIGHT NOW"  usually follows.   "TURTLE" is code for Sam flipping over his feeding chair (the feeder seat sits on the floor and Sam is belted in at the waist so when he flips he looks like a turtle with a shell on his back) .  And my all time favorite "23-19" is code for visual confirmation of diaper contents outside of the diaper... immediate attention required!   

Sean is fascinated with all things Andrew.  Andrew has been really sweet about "sharing" or at least showing Sean his toys but he abides by 2 strict rules... most of the time. 
1. nothing goes into the baby's mouth 
2. no small parts shall be left out unattended.  

Sam loves Sean and he says Sean's name all the time...  Sha, Sha, Sha...  as he plants wet slobbery kisses on his head.  Sean tolerates a significant amount of "affection" from Sam and rarely gets upset with him even when he is a bit rough... it is as if he knows that Sam means well and just smiles at him even as the red welts appear on his forehead.  

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