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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PLAYDATES: the good, the bad and the uninvited

down stairs = fun

Andrew has a friend over and they are having a good time in the basement... lots to do down there.  Upstairs it is a different story.  Sam is beside himself and desperately wants to be doing whatever it is the big boys are doing down there. The scene being played out at the gate to the basement is a quite dramatic and pathetic display mixed with a dash of "that's not fair", a pinch impending temper tantrum, numerous rounds of "baby tipping" and whining...lots and lots of whining.  Once the big boys come up for a breather I will take Sam down stairs to play on the swing... that will make him happy.  For now he is not thrilled with the balls, musical toys or even his favorite piano... baby tipping seems to be his only pleasure at the moment.  Sean has had better days and as the punishment trickles down... he has started biting me!  I know he just wants to nurse and go down for his nap but I refuse to allow him to work out his frustrations on me (OUCH!) perhaps he is just all worked up about being tipped over all morning... anyway you look it, everyone upstairs is just his side of miserable, bleeding or  beyond tired.  After lunch I will devise a scheme to get everyone downstairs and happy... it that doesn't work I have very large roll of duct tape and I am not afraid to use it!  

up stairs = no fun

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