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Monday, March 24, 2008

Andrew's loose tooth

string tied on tooth... check

string tied to door knob... check

realizing that someone is now going to slam the door shut in an attempt to rip the tooth from my gums... scariest thing ever.

Andrew's tooth is still just hanging there in his mouth... I am sure that a strong wind could flick it right out of there but he is determined to just let it "fall out" on its own.  I just want to jump on him, hold him down and yank it out.  It is sooooo loose.  


Katie said...

give him an apple to munch on....

rae said...

OH don't you think I have tried that!!! It sort of gives me the willies... it is just hanging there and so far no amount of bribing or sneakery has worked.

I am being taught a lesson. Patience young grasshopper.