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Friday, March 28, 2008

10 things that made me drop what I was doing ...

1.  "Moooooommmmm... I see blood!"

2.  "Sam lost a tooth and I can't find it... maybe he swallowed it?"

3.  "TURTLE!!!"  (When Sam tips over in his feeding chair... on purpose... while he is still strapped into it he looks like a turtle with a shell on his back)

4. " 23-19!!!!"  (when diaper contents are visible outside of the diaper)

5.  "I'm stuck."

6.  "Moooommmmmm... Sam has a crayon and he just scribbled on the TV screen."

7.  "Moooommmm... Sam got the remote and turned the channel again... I think it is a naughty show and I  don't think I should watch it."

8.  "Some guy is at the door... can I let him in?"

9.  "Moooommmm... Sam is sitting on Sean!"



Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Hopefully these weren't all in one day! haha I laughed outloud at the 2319 one!

rae said...

yes... a typical day...LOL