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Monday, March 3, 2008

green is the color of the day

So it has been another one of those days.... a green day as a matter of fact... and not the kind of green I long to see this time of year. The suction machine has been working overtime and I am about ready to use it on myself.  You might think this is funny... but it's SNOT!  Andrew and Sam are on antibiotics for sinus infections and although I have refused to admit it... I have had one brewing for sometime now.  I read somewhere that whether or not you treat a sinus infection with antibiotics it takes about 2 weeks to get it all out of your system.  So because I am still breastfeeding, I drank fluids, used the neti pot and smothered my self in Vics hoping that if I was only patient my body would heal itself with no other pharmaceutical intervention.  Well we are approaching the 3 week mark and I have now admitted defeat... I will see the doctor on Friday.   

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