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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Andrew runs in the house to tell me that he is waiting for the ice cream truck... he was helping Dad in the back yard when he heard that erie & unmistakable music that only small children and dogs can hear and came running into the house and then ran back out just as quickly.   I yell after him that he can't go out to the road by himself.  He informed me that he was "just getting ready for the ice cream man" and went back into the back yard.  So I open the front door to confirm that he is not playing in traffic and to listen so that I know the precise moment that he will risk life and limb to ensure that that ice cream truck stops in front of our house.  However, I could see that Andrew has already posted a sentry to keep watch...

Upon closer inspection you might notice Andrew's piggy bank on the front porch.  He bought it out there to wait for the ice cream man.  The ice cream truck has been circling for hours now and has yet to make an appearance on our block.  Torture for any 6 year old.  The days of him believing us when we told him that it was the "music truck" are over... he knows that frosty goodness is stock piled inside that awkward little vehicle.  Not to mention,  he was blessed with abnormally acute hearing... for all we know the ice cream truck is in Wisconsin.  So Piggy is manning his post... waiting for any sign of the ice cream truck.  

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