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Friday, April 25, 2008

I am going to loose my mind today... I have already decided.

It is day 2 of teacher inservices at school... so the boys are home and restless and I am pretty positive I will loose my mind today.  It is yucky and rainy and the weather man promises severe thunderstorms later in the day.... no hopes of outside activity.  They are in rare form today as they were kept in captivity for most of the day yesterday too.  We dragged them all to a Assisted Technology Expo to look at possible new wheelchairs for Sam... although they most likely will not put this activity on their top 10 list, I am sure that they will enjoy spending more time at the park instead of watching mommy have a melt-down because she can't push Sam's current set of wheels through the wood chips or grass (who knew that sometimes "all-terrain" refers to only hard, flat, smooth surfaces???  anyway I hope to be placing an order for his new chair in few weeks...yippee for me and my  back!).  

Anyway... back to the kids!  It is a dangerous thing to bottle up the energy of small children... a dangerous thing indeed.  If only there was a way to convert their extra day-off-from-school energy into viable electricity perhaps I would have less guilt about letting them watch mindless TV all day. I pray that the cable TV remains intact throughout the storm...let's face it... I cannot be everywhere at once and if the TV will keep them from body slamming each other or coloring on my walls for 30 seconds while I use the bathroom then it is alright by me.  You have to pick your battles... and Today I would much rather let their brains idle watching mindless TV than be sitting  in the ER waiting for some resident to remove a fork from one of their skulls (go ahead and laugh...but those Collins' think up some crazy things when they have too much time on their hands).  Therefore, I see the TV as a necessary evil...and did I mention that thanx to this lovely front moving in, we all have runny noses, sinus pressure and headaches (well I do atleast, and the boys are acting like I feel so I assume that they are feeling the pressure too). That being said, I am quite positive that there are not enough Scooby Doo videos/re-runs in creation to sustain them much past 1:00.  Never fear... my gears are turing and I hope to have a solid plan devised by then.  I am all for child labor and maybe I can put some of their excess energy to good use (before I get a ton of spam... let me re-phrase... I am all for my children helping out with chores and besides, Sam loves to dust with the swiffer).   

As of now... Sam has lost his pants.  I am not sure where he removed them or if he had assistance... perhaps he was an innocent victim of big brother hazing...or perhaps a newly acquired self-help skill...either way his diaper is intact and I am grateful for that (thank you for small miracles).  Andrew has informed me that he will only eat waffles today. This poses a slight challenge.  Sean is pulling to stand and is determined to add a "decorative edge" (with his teeth) all around the coffee table. We are now calling him Beaver.  

***note to self***
must determine a set place to leave lost mind for future use 


Kelly said...

Too funny Rae! I hope you are surviving your day. We got a break between the storms down here, I hope you lucked out with a bit of sunshine up north too.

Katie said...

Sounds like a busy day for you and a great excuse for little adult beverage tonight! lol! I hope you survived!

SabrinaT said...

What a fun and busy day! I laughed out loud at the (fork in the head), because I could see that here at my house!
As for TV, there are just days when you need it!