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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earth Day Fun

This morning we went to the annual Earth Day Event put on by our village.  Although the sun wasn't out, it was warm and the kids had fun.  We toured the police office, ate some hot dogs and of course participated in the Nut Hunt.

 Getting ready for the Nut Hunt... the mounting excitement is almost too much to contain.

Andrew is so focused on the prize he can't even pull his eyes away for a quick picture.  Those "nuts" (brown spray painted easter eggs full of goodies) are calling to him.

Sam didn't quite get the point of it all...he just liked crawling around in the grass with all the kids.  He found a few nuts and tried rolling them and then moved on to a new nut.... at the end of the frenzy a little girl noticed that Sam didn't have any nuts of his own and she gave him one of hers with a prize ticket inside.  That was sooo sweet and Sam is now the proud owner of a container of chocolate chip scented bubbles.  

Sean gearing up for next year's nut hunt...

but he preferred the swing instead.

Sam got to meet some firemen and crawl around in the big fire truck... he even got to try on a real fire hat.  The hats are really heavy, but one of the firemen was kind enough to help Sam keep it on his head for a quick pic.

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