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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Girls Nite Out

I went out on the town with 2 of my girl friends... we don't get out together often but we always have fun when we do. The three of us were brought together by our kids... we all have boys who have Down syndrome + other medical issues. We email and call each other pretty often but it is a rare treat when we can get a night out to ourselves.  

As you can see we had some drinks and a few laughs... and what's girls night out without a few pictures that make you look like a total lush!

(and no those are not both mine but I don't get out very often so I had to make it look good)

until next time...



Heather said...

Must admit ... kinda jealous. I have been out of the house literally, combined, in the last 3 weeks... 3hrs! So if it were me, I probably would have had BOTH of those drinks!

Katie said...

you look like you are having lots of fun!