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Friday, April 18, 2008


My budding thespian will be presenting a dramatic reciting of Humpty-Dumpty... in front of the camera...to his Kindergarten class today.   He prepared well for his on-screen debut... and even prepared his own props and dressed for the part.  The soccer season has started... Go Shockers! I think he already has his whole summer planned out... we are gonna be busy.  

x-rays revealed that his foot is not broken...Yipeee!  However, I can only assume that his foot is still tender after the recent dislocation of his toe... learning to walk does have a price. Therefore, baby tipping will most likely continue until he feels better.  This morning he woke up full of piss and vinegar... I am counting the minutes until his school bus pulls up.  I am quite confident that his teacher is grossly under paid.  Today he has swimming at school...that should make him very happy... may God help the person who's job will be getting Sam out of the pool.   On another note the bus driver called me this morning to inform me that Sam has figured out how to wiggle out of the approved bus transportation harnesses on his wheelchair (mind you I requested a different harness and was refused because the one we had was deemed "acceptable and sufficient")... department of transportation suggested another type of shoulder harness to be used in conjunction with the wheelchair harness but since it took them nearly 6 months to provide the driver with proper tie-down restraints I am not expecting to see any new harnesses any time soon.  I will call the school and get the ball rolling but in the mean time the advice I was given was to "tighten the straps"... ok done... but since Sam has figured out how to push the little red button and unlatch his seatbelt straps I don't see how just tightening the straps will help???  In the mean time Sam happily helped me UN-fold 3 loads of laundry... that will teach me to put folded clothes away immediately instead of taking time to blog.  

Sean has become quite demanding... he knows what he wants and he wants it NOW!  He is mastering the fake cry in a desperate attempt to get his way... I cannot teach this child sign language fast enough so he can relay to us in a less whinny voice exactly what it is he wants.  He has also become quite the story teller and somewhere along his journeys he has seen the most beautiful things and likes to tell us all about them.  He gets this euphoric look on his face and sing-song babbles about what appears to be the most wonderful things.  He has also raised the bar so to speak... he has started pulling to stand so we had to raise the rails on the crib.  And he is very close to crawling... I am in such trouble.

He has put Sean on the fast track to his "How to treat the cat with respect" course.  He is very gentle with the kids but he is getting older and obviously becoming less tolerant of Sean's tough love.  I don't remember him schooling Andrew until he was about 3... when Garth felt that he was old enough to know that whisker pulling was unacceptable at that age... before that he would just lay there and take it or get up and go away or come over and bite me... but never the kids. However he obviously feels that he has been through this 3 times and enough is enough... "can't you humans teach your offspring some manners already!"   Sean is learning the fine art of "fair is fair"... you bite me and I will bite you.  Garth is still gentle but none the less the lessons have begun.  

Pat and I are doing well but since I know you only really want to hear about the kids I won't bore you with the mundane details of our daily routines.  But believe me... if something exciting happens you will be sure to know about it.

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Heather said...

Thank you for always bringing a much needed smile to my face with your posts.They are priceless!