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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it!

Well my project is now off and running.  I have 5 ponchos underway and just a few knots away from being finished.  I have several more yards of fleece...therefore more ponchos to cut out.  I will be donating the ponchos to the Children's Hospital at Lutheran General...in hopes that they find their way to a little girl undergoing long term treatment.  The ponchos go easily over their heads and won't interfere with IV's, monitors or other tubes.  I have been inspired by the all the children I know who are battling cancer and everyday I thank God that Sam has not had to fight this battle. I guess he thought Sam had enough on his plate for now, but the realization is that we will always be watchful and grateful for every cancer free day.  Leukemia is very common in kids with Down syndrome.  My hopes are that these ponchos will not only be warm but stylish and perhaps bring a smile to a child's face... and at very least cover up what those awful hospital gowns do not.  

Sam has follow ups with his pulmonologist every 2 months (not to mention all the other specialty follow ups) so we will be going to the hospital anyway.  I plan to deliver some at each trip.  Andrew has Religious Ed. on Wednesday nights and it since it is too far to come all the way home, unload the crew only to load them back up again 20 minutes later to go pick Andrew back up... I sit in the parking lot, pop a DVD into the player in the van and I tie knots.  If I make a minimum of 1 per week that will give me at least 8 ponchos each trip.  Maybe more, maybe less but that is my basic goal.


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Heather said...

How stink'n cute is that?Got your email and be watching for a response ..... I am so excited!!!And you are far too sweet.