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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sean's First Haircut

Today Sean is 17 months (on the 17th too!) and today he also got his first haircut.  The pictures are in reverse order... the first pic was taken right after his bath tonight and I think that it is pretty obvious that his hair is going to be curly.  I thought for sure all the curls would be cut out never to be seen again.  Well... it looks like they are here to stay!  Sean was really good and sat very still... while driving his police car of course.  

Sean's new haircut!
all done!
the new little man dooo
a quick pose before the big curls get cut off
the first cut (I got to keep this lock)


Heather said...

So very grown up Mr Sean!Handsome little devil.As you can see by all 6 little and not so little ones ... we love the curls here in California too!

Katie said...

oh my gosh he looks so much like Andrew! His face is identical. very cute cut!