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Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

1. Life Source calls me daily... several times a day actually, asking me to donate.

2. I am a wealth of useless knowledge... the mommies at play group don't care that I can recite the periodic table or all the presidents in order.

3. Death by Algebra is a real fear.

4. My children are amazing and they make me a better person.

5. I was the Homecoming Queen in high school (seriously).

6. I have cookies and milk nearly every night before going to bed.

7. Before I had children my husband and I watched our nephew and nieces for the evening. It was baptism by fire... snot, vomit, bed wetting, poop. I cried all the way home and told Patrick that I could never have children. LOL. I now have 3 boys, one with special needs, and at this point there is not much that would phase me.

8. eight, eight, I forget what eight was for.... I loved the Violent Femmes in concert.

9. I don't like chocolate.

10. Other careers I considered... psychology, architecture, medical illustration. Reason for not pursuing those careers and focusing on fine art ... see #3. 

11. I have one tattoo and am seriously considering getting another.

12. I am fascinated by Curling (the sport of). Don't ask me why. I have never seen it in real life but I found my self up at 3:00am watching it on the Olympics.

13. My right leg about 2 inches longer than my left.

14. I am ambidextrous. Yes, really.

15. I married the brother of my best friend from high school (luv ya Tam).

16. I have been asked more than once if I was a doctor, nurse or in the medical field... that's what happens when you have a medically fragile child and out of necessity you must earn an "honorary" medical degree to take care of their basic daily needs. 

17. I am really good at assessing spacial relationships and therefore I am a really good packer ... it's a gift really. 

18. I am tongue-tied.

19. People tell me that they actually enjoy reading my yearly Christmas letter and anxiously await its delivery. I get several request from people wanting me to confirm that they are on "the list" to receive a holiday greeting. A little known fact... writing scares the hell out of me! I take a big gulp and write. I am glad people find it entertaining but the process requires me to re-live painful memories of creative writing 101.

20. I am an optimist, who married a pessimistic-skeptic. Where I am a "glass half full" sort of person, he is a "who the hell touched my glass" sort of person. I guess we even each other out!

21. I had a track scholarship in college (soccer scholarship too but that was a joke) but volleyball was always my favorite sport. 

22. We are members of the 2% Club. I know first hand the contraception is NOT 100% effective.

23. I am actually wondering how interesting anyone will find my 25 Random things list... but I have been tagged enough times that I felt obligated to share.

24. My children can hit octaves that only dogs can hear. Impressive to say the least. They also have a knack for finding the acoustic sweet spot in Church, the van or other places where they can make the most of their transmissions really count!

25. Euchre and Chess are two of my favorite games.


Larkinsmom said...

Your forgot

26: Amy and Larkin love me and Sam - oh and all those other people in the family too.

rae said...

awwwwe! You guys Rock! We love you too!

datri said...

Oooooh, Violent Femmes, awesome! Now I'm having an 80s flashback....

Heather said...

#23:I personally find them all interesting and it confirmed,contrary to my heavy and sometimes way too deep posts,we would have a blast hanging out if we lived closer.If you don't mind hanging out with old chicks...Yikes 44 ... did I just announce that for all to see?Seriously Rae,I hope by now you know how blessed I became that February day when I found Sam.The depths of Infantile Spasms just about drowned me but Sam breathed new life into me.I still need a bit of CPR with this latest crap also... any volunteers?