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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crafty Christmas

Please bear with me... I am still catching up from the holidays.  I just couldn't go without sharing these gifts that the boys made this year for some very special therapists and teachers... I think they made 10 total.  I painted the outline of a snowman on clear glass Christmas balls with glass paint.  Then the boys painted the rest.  I made personalized boxes for each one.  Included was a picture of the boys painting the Christmas ball.  I hope that all who got one loved them as much as the boys loved making them.   

Then things got really crazy... I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to go ahead and make more Christmas gifts.  So I made fleece ponchos and purses for my nieces.  I also made them for several friends, neighbors and I have orders for a few more.  A few other friends used the pattern as well... best $5.00 I think I ever spent.  I even made one for my self... they really are cute.  I will admit that when I first opened the pattern I cried.  Easy... NOT!  I don't sew and this was and easy no-sew pattern so I thought the most difficult part would be tying all the knots...NOT!  I finally figured it out and was even able to resize it to fit several different sizes all the way down to an American Girl doll size.  

Well now I have some extra fleece and I was struck with a wonderful idea... I am going to make a bunch up and donate them to a local Children's Hospital (you know I have my faves).  I was thinking particularly of the little girls undergoing chemo or other long term treatments that keep them in the hospital for periods of time.  Having some long stints with Sam... I know how awful those hospital gowns are but you can't really put your kids in real clothes because the docs and nurses need access to ports, IVs, sensors and such.  Well these ponchos just slip over the head and are open all the way around...easy access, easy on, easy off and they are warm and soft and pretty.  So that is one of my many projects this year.  So if you hear about any good fleece sales let me know. 

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Leah said...

Seriously, you will have to repost this again next year IN NOVEMBER so that I can use the idea for Angela to make something for her teachers. You are just too clever for your own good!