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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sam's new set of wheels

So this is Sam's new set of wheels... the Lightning by Stealth.  So far I really like... it is far from perfect but it has most of the features that we wanted for him.  I was slightly annoyed that it arrived with out the tie-down kit (allowing him to ride it on the bus), the canopy/sun shade has a small tear in it and the rain guard was no where to be found.  These are all pretty easy things to remedy so I will hold my tongue for now... pick your battle wisely young grasshopper.

Anyway... Sam seems pretty comfortable in it.  Oh how I wish I could just design a wheelchair myself.  I would take the wheels from this company and the frame from that one and the riggings and seat from another and put it all together to get exactly what we want and need.  This chair is primarily for camping, outings and family stuff in general and he will continue to use his other chair (the red beast) for going back and forth and use at school.  Sam is now 45" tall and 46 pounds and he is getting too big for me to carry around so the wheel chair is a must until he is walking... however it has to be easy for everyone.   Besides, my children do not need to witness me have a melt down every time we go to the park because I can't get the Red Beast across a 6 foot patch of grass or when I get stuck in wood chips.  I digress.  Anyway... we leave to go camping in the UP in 2 days and that will be the big test for the new wheelchair.  


Bethany said...

Pretty cool! That has to be the coolest name of a chair ever!

Heather said...

Hope you have a great camping trip, that the chair cooperates and mom doesn't find herself in a heap of frustration.Mommy meltdowns are no fun for anyone .....most especially us!

Leah said...

Hey! We just got Angela's new chair (same model, only the 16" one) the first week of June. So far I like it. Mostly. I did like the way our old Convaid folded (like a giant umbrella stroller) because it fit better into any vehicle. This one, because it doesn't fold FLAT is a bit more of a challenge to get into a car. Angela's PCA's have trouble when they take places. But, I LOVE how it pushes (like a dream) etc. Oh, and I just came home from the UP on Friday. Rode my motorcycle from Sault Ste. Marie all the way to St. Paul in one day. That's a very long ride on a motorcycle. LOL

Kelly said...

Cool wheels Sam!

Have fun camping. Maybe we'll see you on 80/94 if you are going up through Michigan rather than Wisconsin. We are leaving for the Jersey Shore on the 16th. Have a great trip!