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Monday, July 21, 2008

oh a camping we will go...


We are loaded to the hilt and I am pleased and impressed with the amount of stuff that we are able to load into the wonder van.  Everything had its place, everything was secure, and everything made it on board... everything started out perfectly...besides getting a slightly later start than originally planned...
So we are headed out for our camping trip but before we leave we have to drop off some books at the library and pick up some bug spray at Home Desperate...er um Home Depot.  However, somewhere along there we loose the checkbook.  After searching and retracing our steps, Patrick is convinced that someone has stolen our identity and is writing checks like mad all over town (it is now 8:30am).  So we close our checking account and activate a fraud alert.  In the mean time I have spilt coffee all over the place.  20 minutes later Andrew finds the checkbook.  In desperate need of more coffee we decide to have breakfast at a local joint.  Andrew finishes his meal and throws up all over the place.  We quickly exit the restaurant.  We have not even left town yet.

Due to lack of space in the back we moved Andrew's booster up to the middle row so that he rode between Sam and Sean.  The day before we left Sam's urine culture reveled that he had a UTI and we would later find out that he had an ear infection too.... therefore he was full of piss and vinegar and uncomfortable.  And the only way he has to tell us that is by scratching and slapping... and Andrew was now the closest to him and for the next several hours took much of the abuse. 

We finally arrived in Newberry around 8:00pm and check into our room (several hours behind schedule) ... immediately we took the kids to the pool. I think they were close to chewing their own arms off (as would any caged animal) in any attempt to get out of the vehicle. We then ordered pizza, put the oldest cousin in charge and the adults went into the next room for a much needed margarita.  Just then the heavens opened up.  We were oh so thankful that we had hotel rooms that night because there was a torrential down pour and would have ended up sleeping in our cars.


Up bright and early... we all headed out to Tahquamenon Falls.  Here is a pic with all the cousins. We left with lots of pictures, even more mosquito bites and a new stamp for our letterbox journal (all the kids left their thumb prints).
We all piled into row boats and rowed out to the island.
Sam and Pat in the falls
Me and Sean


Katie said...

oh goodness what a rough start to a great week in the wilds! sounds like you all had a fab time -tick check and all.

Mike Burrill said...

glad you guys had fun. let me know next time your in our 'neck of the woods'.