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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Letterboxing anyone???

Today we hatched as new Letterboxers and had our first find.  What is Letterboxing you ask... check out the link.  It is basically a treasure hunt with the prize being and exchange of rubber stamps.  You get a set of clues (I believe there are several ways to obtain clues but we got ours from one of many letterboxing websites) that lead you to a box that contains a rubber stamp and a log book.  Once you find a letterbox you stamp the log book within with your personal stamp and you stamp your personal log book with the stamp inside the found letterbox.  Then you discretely re-hid it again for the next letterboxer to find.  It combines hiking, nature, clues, art (as many of the stamps are handmade vs store bought), map reading and a basic sense of direction.  We are very new and I had no idea how popular it is and really surprised to find that there are letterboxes stashed everywhere... really everywhere.  Today, as a family we found our first box.  Our collective trail name is Collins 5, but I think we will all come up with individual trail names too (Andrew is getting really creative). It was really a lot of fun.  Besides all the local letterboxes we plan on making some side trips when we travel back and forth to Michigan and may even plant one of our own...what a nice way to let the kids stretch their legs after being in the car for several hours or to just burn some energy.  

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Heather said...

Sounds very intriguing and right up Jakes alley! We are always looking for something new to explore and this, I have never heard of. thanks for the tip.We'll let you know how we make out.