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Friday, October 30, 2009

more friends...

On our very last day we checked out of our villa and headed to Aquatica... Sea World's water park. It was Amazing. This is a family picture that was taken right inside the park. There is a water slide that shoots you down through a tube that goes right through a dolphin pool. I was going too fast to really see them but Andrew informed me later that if you sit up you go slower and can actually see them swimming above and around you.

When we went to Sea World we were able to take advantage of some special things that we may have otherwise passed up because of $$$ but our Make-A-Wish and GKTW passes got us the red carpet treatment all the way. Not only did the boys get free trays of fish for the dolphins and Sting Rays but we again were escorted to the front of the line and we were treated to some special dolphin introductions. This was something the boys were really looking forward too and it was incredible. Feeding the dolphins was one of the things that was truly a highlight and something the boys will never forget...Thank you so much Make-A-Wish. We were not only able to feed the dolphins but we got to touch them too. One of the trainers, (taking notice that we were a Wish family) used a whistle to call several dolphins over to our area and to have one come up on this ledge right by the wall, sit there and hold his tail up so that Sam could touch him. I think the many of the dolphins were moving too fast for Sam to really see them well so this was a nice treat so he could actually interact with them. We also got to feed the sting rays
They gave each of the boys a tray of fish to feed the dolphins... Sam immediately tossed the entire bowl right into the water... bowl and all. The trainer had to pluck it out of the water but then gave him another tray. You can't see her in the picture but the trainer has called this dolphin over and is asking him to stay there and wait for Sam to put the fish in his mougt and the surprised look on Sam's face is because the dolphin is talking to him too.

Same dolphin but with out the trainer instructing him... he was a bit more eager to snatch the fish away from Andrew.

This is one of the dolphins the trainer called over so that Sam could get a closer look.
These dolphins were chirping at us... Sam loved it
This is a pic of Sam waiting for the Shamu show.


Heather said...

More super pictures Rae and I emailed you back.Happy Halloween.Hope you little goblins get tons of loot!!!

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