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Monday, October 5, 2009

the count down continues...

As we continue to count down the days to Sam's epic wish trip... we have a few preparations that we still need to take care of...

Several months ago, Andrew expressed some interest in wanting to get his hair colored. There was a breast cancer fundraiser at his school and he wanted his hair pink in the worst way. However he was going to be in Ben and Erica's wedding so we told him NO. He was persistent so we told him that he could get his hair colored before we went on Sam's wish trip. Of course he remembered our promise...and being the so very cool parents that we are (LOL) it was off to the salon we went. I love that he wanted to express himself this way... I told him that I didn't care if he grew his hair long or shaved his head or dyed it a new color each week as long as he was respectful and kind and polite... it was fin with me. Now if he had his way he would have come out with 5 different colors, but I put my foot down... I didn't care what color but it would only be ONE color. He wore his favorite tie-dye shirt so that he could show the colorist exactly what color he wanted.

He choose this deep red, almost magenta color and I have to say I absolutely love it on him. He is thrilled with it too. And now, with Disney in our sites, it will be even easier to spot him in a crowd...LOL.

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