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Monday, November 9, 2009

A bike for Sam

Taking a brief pause between yet another Make-A-Wish post, I felt that this is a very note worthy sidestep. We have been on a search for a special needs bike for Sam. Every time we go to the park, Sam tries to hijack some kids' bike. Of course he does not have the balance, coordination, motor planning or other basic skills needed to sit on a bike without support not to mention actually ride a bike.

However, today I stand corrected.

We have been looking to get him a Discovery Bike by Freedom Concepts. This bike is like the "Cadillac" of special needs bikes and with all the bells and whistles also comes a very large price tag (but seriously... doesn't EVERY THING for special needs kids cost 5x more than it does for the general population???) but it is exactly what Sam needs. So we are in the process of working with our insurance to see if they will help us out with this $3,900.00 adaptive mobility device (if you want insurance to cover it you gotta know the lingo). So far so good *** please keep your fingers crossed***

So I found The Bike Rack , home of Creative Mobility and to my absolute joy I found that they are located in St. Charles IL... about an hour away. Check out the "hallmark heroes" video about Hal and the work they are doing over at the Bike Rack...but have your tissues ready. I had a long conversation with Hal Honeyman over the phone and made arrangements to meet with him and actually put Sam on a Discovery Bike to see if this was indeed the bike for him.

**kleenex warning

So we drive up and my excitement mounts as I see a variety of special needs bikes on display both outside and inside the show room. A few minutes later Sam is on a bike... wait.... SAM IS RIDING A BIKE.... he is actually riding this bike in the parking lot. At this point I am squealing and jumping up and down and I think I actually briefly reached an octave that only wild dogs could hear. Yes, Sam was actually riding this bike all by himself. Thankfully the Discovery Bike has a rear breaking and steering system that allows us to control him a bit and help him learn to navigate. I LOVE THIS BIKE, I LOVE HAL HONEYMAN AND I LOVE THE BIKE RACK!

We hope to hear back soon from our insurance. They requested more information and I am giving them more than they will know what to do with to support my efforts.

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datri said...

Oh that's wonderful! Our neighbor got a bike for her older (14) son with Ds. She got it through a grant from ARC.