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Monday, November 23, 2009


It was a crazy birthday weekend for Andrew, who will turn 8 on the 24th.  8... EIGHT... OMG where has the time gone???  I cannot believe that he is 8!  The big 8  also marks the beginning of several changes that will be in store over the next year.  Andrew has informed us for some time now, that once he turned 8, he would eat more vegetables, keep his room clean without being asked and would be old enough to keep a tarantula or boa constrictor as a pet!  Although my fingers are crossed and my hopes are high, I am not going to hold my breath waiting for all the "I will do that when I am 8, Mom" promises but there is one thing that I am certain of... and it involves pets of the big, hairy and dangerous variety.  (Sorry, Buddy)  So we look forward to celebrating Andrew's EIGHT IS GREAT year.

Andrew had a sleep over with some friends and it was loud and crazy and lots of fun.  The boys played Wii and hyper-dash, built legos/bionicles, watched Star Trek and a Bionicles movie,  devoured pizza and ice cream cake and got grossed-out eating Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Beans .... vomit, sardine, rotten egg, dirt, earthworm, soap, black pepper, buttered popcorn, cinnamon, grass, blueberry, ear wax, booger and buttered toast to name a few.  They also ate cotton candy gum that turned their mouth's bright blue!  Yes, pictures will follow soon!

We are excited to celebrate this very special day.  Nov. 24th at 7:35am will mark 8 years that Andrew decided to arrive 5 weeks early, while we were visiting family in another state, and forever change our lives for the better.  Andrew is one amazing kid and an incredible big brother... we are truly blessed.  Below are a few pics of Andrew throughout the past 8 amazing years (birthday pics to follow).

Happy Birthday... Andrew!  We BIG LOVE YOU!

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Bethany said...

Happy birthday little dude!