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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

questions to ponder...

1.  The baby is now crawling... who taught him that???

2.  The refrigerator up and died... Of course it was nothing dramatic, as to alert us to take immediate action...but when you can pour your ice cream out of the container you know something is not right.  So what do you think the odds are of getting it either fixed or replaced in time for our big party on Saturday? 

3. Currently everything is in coolers packed in ice... repair man is coming this morning.  Do you think this is the universe's way of telling me it is time to clean out my fridge?  Who knows... maybe Martha Stewart plans on attending my party and then won't I feel a huge sigh of relief when she goes for a cold one and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my fridge is clean?  See everything happens for a reason.  

4.  How many cocktails will it take for me to forgive my husband for not taking the day off before our big Mommy Needs a Cocktail Party this weekend?  

5.  How much pre-cleaning am I required to do before the cleaning lady arrives?  Who knew that you actually have to clean for the cleaning lady.  Obviously I was absent on the day they handed out the "Domestic Manners for Dummies" handbook.  Anyway... these saints are willing to clean behind my toilets and scrub the soap scum on my shower doors... I think I will make them some cookies or maybe a roast.  



Katie said...

we all know it only takes one cocktail to get you giggling and smiling again - I think Pat must know that and so he'll quickly be forgiven - can we say pre-party?

Heather said...

All really great questions, however I am stuck at #4 and how I can get there by saturday for that cocktail party!! Yes, another reference to alcohol. Social services may come knocking!!