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Thursday, May 22, 2008

favorite things...

Besides going to the sensory room and gym class and riding the bus... I think one of Sam's favorite activities at school is going to the pool. Every other Friday Sam's class spends time in the school's pool. Sam loves the water... here is a pic of him working out in the pool.


Heather said...

Love the cool wet suit Sam! What fun you must have on your pool day Fridays.Look what a super job your doing, so nice and straight and tall!

rae said...

Heather... the rashguard wet suit type swim suits cover Sam's G-tube perfectly. Not that I care if anyone sees it... it just helps to keep the sand away from his stoma and helps to keep his button from catching on water toys and inner tube handles (etc) and getting pulled out. I also like the rashguards because they cover all his surgical scars (they burn easily in the sun) with added UV protection. Thanx for noticing his posture... he has worked very hard on those core muscles :)