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Friday, May 30, 2008

last day of kindergarten

 Lucas, Andrew & Ben
The Three Amigos

I can hardly believe that today was Andrew's last day of kindergarten and the Kindergarten picnic.  I signed up to volunteer...  "just put me where you need me"  is not a phrase to be taken lightly in the future.  I was given the task of "parachute games".  OK... this does sound like fun... but after the second wave of small children with energy to spare bounced over to my station, I was was sweating bullets, my face was flushed and could no longer feel my arms.  Other volunteers snapped pictures of me as I made parachute "mushrooms" and "popcorn" among a group of frenzied children.  I am sure that these pictures will only show off my best features.... not.  It looked like all the kids were having a wonderful time... hoola hoop contests, soccer ball obstacle course, scooter races, parachutes... I want to go back to kindergarten!  The morning was finished up with a game of simon says and then it was time for lunch.  They inhaled their food.  After saying good byes it was time to go home.  

Andrew had a really great year and I am very proud of all the things he learned not only academically but also about being a good citizen and kind person.  Thank you Mrs. Rajcevich for all your hard work and dedication to Andrew and all the kinder-bears who love to work and play and learn everyday!  


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Heather said...

Ah, kindergarten. Such an innocent time. Faces filled with wonder and awe. In a blink of an eye they are literally in college. Trust me , it goes too fast. The really cool thing is that you have learned,although the hard way, to value the moments but because of those moments you are far ahead of the game then most of those mom's today. Precious picture that captured those exact faces I was talking about.