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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pharmacy or meth lab????

Most recently it would appear that we have contracted the plague.  Runny noses, coughing ack ack ack, fevers, headaches and crankiness all around.  NO... IT IS NOT THE SWINE FLU.  Just to make sure we popped in to sick call at the pediatrician's office.  Whooo Hooo no Flu.

However the flurry of symptoms have us stumped.  As it turns out I think Sean has croup.  Sam on the other hand has been on oxygen a week now and is just not moving air though his lungs the way he should.  His lungs are clear but his sats are low and he is requiring increasing amounts of oxygen.  He has been on antibiotics since March for an ongoing sinus infections that never seems to go away and after 5 days of steroids and more oxygen we were worried that he might have to be admitted to the hospital.  uhhhhhggggg.  

By the grace of God and a nurse with a knack for creating more hours in the day we were able to get in to see his pulmonologist who confirmed what we already suspected... sinus infections... again.  That makes 5 just this year alone. However what we didn't expect is that Sam's asthma, if not worse, is definitely playing a larger role in his ongoing issues and he now also has bronchitis.  So now with more meds on board we think things are finally moving in the right direction.  

Last night I stood in my kitchen trying to line up his 11 prescription meds and my brain was struggling to keep all the prescriptions straight (times, doses etc) on a mere fraction of the amount a sleep that the average human requires to remain upright and function on the most basic level, I found my self daydreaming how lucrative it would be to create a meth lab right here in my kitchen or perhaps I could open a back door pharmacy. 

You know your in trouble when the dosing directions are so long that they won't fit on the bottle the the pharmacist has to  type them out on a separate piece of paper... and then inform you that "we only have 3 of the 7 bottles in stock for this one prescription... you will have to pick up the rest tomorrow"  seriously 7 bottles!!! and that is just for one of his 11 meds.  I am telling you ... we are stocked! And those are just the meds that we are currently using... that is not counting the ones that have been permanently or temporally put on hold. 

So hopefully Sam will be back to him self very soon, Sean will stop barking like a seal pup and I will finally get some sleep.   


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Hope you all feel better REALLY soon!

Katie said...

I hope those little boys get well soon and mommy gets some well deserved naps!

Heather said...

Hope some normalcy returns soon, that is,if there ever was normalcy to begin with.In which case just get feeling better soon sweet family.