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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Fun

I woke up Mother's Day morning to a bright-eyed little boy, who was waiting NOT so patiently for me to get out of bed, holding a bouquet of paper flowers that he made for me at school.  Absolutely the best way to wake up.  The day before the boys (all 4 of them) gave me flowers and a gift card so I could get a new bathing suit and do a little shopping ALONE.  So to wake up to even more flowers and Mother's Day surprises was wonderful.  

After church we went out to breakfast and then to the carnival a few towns over.  It was small but the perfect size.  Andrew hit the rides hard and I was wondering when the carnies were going to come over and demand that we buy him another wrist band... since he must have gone on every ride several times.  Sam was thrilled with this ride that had a variety of little cars, space ships or helicopters (all with horns) that went around and up and down.  We put him in a different car each time and I think he thought it was a new ride each time.  Sam and I rode on the ferris wheel while Andrew rode the bumper cars.  Pat who has a difficult time even watching spinning rides snapped pics with his camera phone.  Sean had to be removed from his first and only ride of the day.  The ride next to the one he was on had this really obnoxious really loud air horn... need I say more.  After that Sean didn't even want to go up to the gate of any of the rides... but he seemed perfectly thrilled to ride in the backpack and just watch his brothers.   So... seizing the moment... I took Sean's wrist band and went on some of the bigger rides with Andrew and Sam.  And once again we were touched by the kindness of the carnies working the rides and games.  Sam was given toys for games he didn't even play and even though the duck he picked would have won him a small toy, he got a BIG one.  

It was a wonderful day with my family.

Me and Sam on the ferris wheel
obviously this ride looses its charm after 3 or 4 times... 
but this kid in the red appears to be enjoying it for the very first time.
Sam loved this ride
Andrew mastered the tea cups... fastest spinner around

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datri said...

Oh what fun! I think I'm still a bit nervous about putting Kayla on a carnival ride by herself unless she was really strapped in well. My big incentive to loose weight is so that I can fit on some of those carnival rides with her!