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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally... open for "business"

I am finally finished with my mini bathroom remodel.  After several coats of primer, a few more coats of paint and this fabulous paper airplane theme pack from Uppercase Living this room is now once again open for "business".  

The paint is from Sherwin Williams... it is their Harmony, it has almost zero odor and is environmental friendly.  The color is Latte and I'm lovin' it.  I really didn't appreciate how odorless this paint was until I painted the ceiling and trim with some left over paint I had... I will definitely use the Harmony brand again.  Pat had little say in the matter since he was not about to do any of the painting... he would rather dig ditches naked in manure than paint.  And I think that Pat is so overjoyed that I didn't ask him to help that if I play my cards right I might even get some new towels and maybe a rug.  But shhhhh... he has to think that it was his idea.  

The paper airplanes are from Uppercase Living .  There are 6 different white paper airplanes total and trailing blue dashes (30 colors to choose from).  This theme is much better suited for my boys than the cute yellow duckies that were previously here thanx to the previous owner (ackkkk).  I was so glad to see those ducks go and Andrew now says that his bathroom is AWESOME!  The only problem now is... I want to re-paint everything.


Kelly said...

How did you get enough "spare time" to get that accomplished??? It looks great! I love the airplanes.

rae said...

Well... Pat was off a few weekends ago and I painted like crazy knowing that it was a rare window of opportunity. I put the planes up yesterday evening... since Sam and Sean are both sick they have been going to bed pretty early... and I just put the last of the blue dashes up today while they were napping just before Andrew got home from school.

Katie said...

that is way cool! I too am super impressed that you did this and keep up with your drug store. Mark would surely jump in that ditch with Pat! LOL!